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Stanol (Stanazolol) 5mg X 200 Tablets



Trade Name: Stanol
Substance: Stanozolol
Content: 5mg x 200 tablets
Manufacturer: Body Research

Stanol (Stanazolol) 5mg x 200 tablets is a powerful oral cutting steroid. Stanol tablet is a highly active oral drug to produce solid muscle mass. Stanol tablet is manufactured by the Body Research. Stanol tablet contains Stanozolol as the active chemical. Stanol tablet builds solid weight in a month. Stanol tablet enhances nitrogen uptake to build quality body mass. Stanol tablet produces solid body weight in a short time. Stanol tablet has 17th carbon alkylation so it is free from androgenic effect. Stanol tablet lower fat and control estrogen to build solid mass. Stanol tablet builds quality body mass in a month.

How does it work? Stanol 5mg tablet burns body fat to build solid muscle mass. Stanol tablet burns body fat quickly. Stanol loses excess fat to develop quality muscle mass. Stanol tablet lowers estrogen and body fat. Stanol tablet is capable to lower fat absorption.

Alternative name: Stanol tablet often called Stanabol, Stanztab, Stanzol, and Azolol. Stanol tablet also available as injectable forms on marketplace called Stanozolol or Winstrol.

Uses: Stanol (Stanazolol) 5mg x 200 tablets mainly used to build solid body mass. Stanol tablet often used to treat obesity. Stanol tablet often used to improve performance.

Dose and cycle: Stanol (Stanazolol) 5mg x 200 tablets prescribed daily. Stanol tablet prescribed for 2-3 months. Normal dose is only 35-70mg daily.

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Side effect: Stanol (Stanazolol) 5mg x 200 tablets can cause muscle wasting. Azolol tablet causes impotence. Azolol tablet can enhance cholesterol level sometimes. Azolol tablet often prescribed with anti-estrogen to prevent side effect.

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