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Buy Metatropin 100iu Online

Buy Metatropin 100iu Online, 100iu is a human growth hormone (HGH) kit, each containing 10 vials of 10 international units (iu).

Benefits of Metatropin 100iu

Just like other human growth hormone, Metatropin 100iu is used as a prescription drug to correct adult growth hormone deficiencies and to treat children’s growth disorders. Here are specific benefits of this type of human growth hormone as revealed by several studies:

• Boosts metabolic efficiency and energy levels in the body.

• Make sure the body maintains optimum fat levels.

• Promotes a tighter, leaner and strong physique.

• Increased joint and tendon strength

• Promotes bone strength development as well as the development of lean tissue growth.

• Increases the production of good cholesterol in the body.

• Decreased extra body fat, bad cholesterol and liver uptake of glucose.

• Decreased recovery time after or in between workouts.

• Promotes healthier looking skin.

• Promotes happiness and sense of well being.

• Increased release of intrinsic Growth Hormone.

• Improves sleeping patterns.

• Improved immune resistance.

There are several other benefits of human growth hormones that continue to be revealed as more scientific studies and clinical trials are being concluded.

Recommended dosage

The human growth hormone is measured in milligrams (mg) or international units abbreviated as IU. 1 international unit (IU) is equivalent to approximately 0.33 milligrams. So basically 1 milligram of human growth hormone is equivalent to 3 IU.

The recommended dosage of human growth hormone varies depending on the individual (whether young or old) and the goal of taking the drug. The general dosage for children who are suffering from various growth disorders is 2 IU of Metatropin per day. For adults who engage in fitness, weight loss or bodybuilding, the recommended dosage is up to 6 IU of Metatropin per day.

For those who want to recover from serious injuries such as severe burns, the recommended dosage is between 8 to 16 IU of Metatropin. Just keep in mind that this dosage is administered for a short duration. Also, keep in mind that older individuals are more sensitive to this kind of drugs so smaller dosage is recommended.

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