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Glotropin (Human Growth Hormone)



Trade Name: Glotropin
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Content: 8IU x 10 vials = 80IU
Manufacturer: Global Biotech

Glotropin (Human Growth Hormone) is a strong bodybuilding drug. Human growth hormone is a natural hormone. Growth hormone production is not sufficient for old people and children. Glotropin vial is a strong growth hormone. Glotropin vial has a strong bodybuilding effect. Glotropin vial enhances protein synthesis. Glotropin vial improves muscle mass rapidly. Glotropin vial has a strong fat burning effect. Glotropin vial turns body fat into energy. Glotropin 8IU vial enhances performance level. Glotropin vial build solid weight rapidly. Glotropin vial often used to treat obesity. Glotropin vial is a widely used injectable drug to have quality muscle mass. Glotropin 8IU vial enhances protein synthesis which produces muscle mass. Glotropin vial is a wonderful product which improves hormone production. Glotropin vial enhances LH, FSH and testosterone hormone.

Uses: Glotropin 8IU vial uses to develop weight. Glotropin improves growth hormone production. Glotropin vial often used to treat delayed growth. Glotropin vial also prescribed to treat hormone shortage. Glotropin vial is mainly used to treat obesity. Glotropin vial is also the best product to enhance performance.

Dose and cycle: Growth hormone Glotropin prescribed weekly. Glotropin vial prescribed 2-3 months.

Where to collect? Glotropin vial enhances performance so it is illegal in professional sports. You can collect it without prescription