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One of the newly-invented psychostimulants is 4-CEC. 4-CEC is a research chemical. By its effects and properties 4-CEC is similar to 4-cmc.

4-CEC is 99,2% pure research chemical.

It has 777666-01-2 CAS number. Usually you can find 4-CEC in the form of crystals. Another names of 4-CEC are IUPAC 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-ethylamino-propan-1-one, 4′-Chloroethcathinone (hydrochloride).

4-CEC formula: C11H14ClND

4-CEC molecular mass: 211.08.

4-CEC is considered as a qualified analytical reference material.

4-CEC has been produced to satisfy principles of ISO17025 and Guide 34.

These crystals were invented in the laboratory and that is why included into the category of research chemicals.

4′-Chloroethcathinone is included into the list of Cathinones which are well-known as benzoylethanamine. This drug can be produced from Catha edulis plant. Because of this fact it has similarities with different amphetamines. All of them unites the fact that they are purposed to create stimulation. Cathinone assists as dopamine releaser when the process of serotonin and adrenaline  re-uptake becomes slower in the central nervous system.

When the biological activity and metabolism of 4-CEC is known nowadays, its properties (both physiological and toxicological) have to be studied more.

4-CEC is invented for research and scientific purposes ONLY. It is forbidden for human or animal consumption, using as a food additive, a household chemistry or in other illegal way.

4-CEC must be held only in appropriate laboratory conditions with a special equipment. Only qualified researchers and professional laboratory workers who have proper skills of work with research chemicals can use 4-CEC.

Our company cooperates with official manufacturers and can guarantee that consumers will receive pure and qualitative research chemicals which are available in our store.

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